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Artesia Capillary Dry s.r.o. or ACD manufactures crystallization of the Canadian type
H-Krystal, which is certified by TAZUS located in Prague, Czech Republic.

The product’s active components are completely independent of foreign supply needs.
ACD also makes H-Krystal M, which is used as an additive to several different kinds of
cement plugs. In extreme conditions they serve as support for the crystallization of
H-Krystal during the rehabilitation of concrete using Hydraplug A and B.

ACD s.r.o. is capable of consistently implementing their products at new construction
sites and is always construction ready.

Consistent specialization and co-work with the top experts in the area of hydro-insulation
always brings quality results.
ARTESA capillary dry s.r.o.
Obchodní oddělení: Radlická 97, 150 00 Praha 5,, tel.: +420 605 241 162 / +420 603 416 763, e-mail: Created by CTECH s.r.o. ©2013
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