What is crystalization 10 tips for applications

10 tips for applications

Securing surface tightness in concrete with the application of H - Krystal.

1. Preparing the concrete groundwork for the application of H - Krystal. Concrete must be accessible to the entrance of the catalyzers to the massive concrete construction meaning that all cleanup of seperated oils, cement milk and concrete must be whole. The concrete must be properly impregnated by water, because without the water, crystal growth will not occur in the direction of and inside the concrete construction. It is necessary to cleanup using water under 800-1200 BAR of pressure and lapse usage of 10 percentage hydrochloric acid.

2. Cut all the joints working - to shape into the min. U size 2,5 x 2,5 cm. If there is water leakage in the joints, then apply the fast drying putty Hydraplug A in the gaps – molding into a ball using gloves.

3. Wipe out seam with that preparatory agent H - Krystal l and completely fill the complete profile with the dry slightly moistened putty prepared in terms of H - Krystal : water 6:1, properly compressing using a mallet. Always consult the dilation gap, or the space that is created when the concrete is being heated and cooled with a specialist. Technically the seal isn't too challenging, but consultation is necessary.

4. Once again properly wet the wall and then paint it with H - Krystal using a wallpaper brush, in terms of H - Krystal : water 3:1, the spray gun the ratio is H - Krystal:water 5:2.

5. In the event of a highly damaged concrete surface, it might be necessary to apply a second or a third layer of H - Krystal to ensure even layers. These layers should be painted within 5 hours so that the paint does not dry out.

6. Can also be applied on exposed and cleaned steel reinforcements.

7. As the last step, paint or spray the bottom. One should be able to stand on it the next day.

8. Don´t forget to mist the walls at least 3 days after painting so that they do not dry out. The reason for the misting is so that the catalysts may enter the massive concrete structure.

9. If it is sunny or windy it is necessary to keep the concrete covered with protective unbreakable shielding and in constant humidity.

10. DO NOT apply the Krystal if the temperature is lower than +4 °C or higher than +30 °C.

While stirring the H - Krystal use a low turn propeller.
After mixing wait 5 minutes and them mix again.

Application of the fresh mixture:
H - Krystal M -2 % to the weight of the cement.

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