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H krystal

Canadian Type Crystallization

Powder, which is liquid after mixing with water, gravel water insulation mass with crystalliation effects. It is used for terrestrial, industrial, transportation as well as water management constructions from concrete. (bridges, tunnels, dams, weirs, reservoirs, sewage treatment constructions, civil estate, foundations, cesspools, reservoirs, pools and terraces etc.) Water insulated matter H - Krystal is ideal for anywhere where it is necessary to have an impenetrable concrete construction, thereby guaranteeing it’s immunity to environmental elements in their whole capacity. After surface application and adhering to all the correct steps , a 35cm thick layer forms crystals in a capillary system that makes the concrete water tight.

Description and advantages:
  • Replaces asphalt and folium insulation and it doesn't damage tectonic work
  • Based upon need it can be used externally and internally (ex. used on a space’s interior)
  • Protects the construction from water and against hydrostatic pressure
  • Increases the concrete’s immunity against aggressive chemical influences (chlorine, sulphate petroleum substances etc.)
  • Concrete is frost-hardy and protected from carbonate
  • Guards against armature corrosion
  • Longevity of the concrete is also the longevity of the crystal
  • Easily managed as well as applied, and is definitive solution

Technical Facts:
Color   light gray
Density   1250 kg/m³
Granulated   do 180 µm
pH during application   12
Temperature tolerance   - 40 - +140 °C
Tolerance to constant contact with contaminated fluids   3 pH -11,5 pH
Tenacity   min 1,5 Mpa
Nontoxic, Not harmful to your health    
Consumption   1kg /m²

Work with a quality concrete field free; from dust, paint and grease, case hardened cement milk and all of the parts that don’t hold together well using a spray gun or painting brush. Application to fresh concrete is possible only after the removal of all forms of separated oils and cement milk ( ex. using a wire scrub brush ). The concrete must be tremendously dampened. For brush application we use a H-Krystal: water (3:1) ratio. For spray gun application we use a H-Krystal:water (5:2) . The water used must be drinkable. Mix using a drill with a propeller, stirring using slow motions, cca 250 turns/min. Repeat twice with 5 minute intervals.

Protect the paint from the sun and wind a minimum of 3 days. During this time the surface must be kept moist by either misting or placing a wet cloth over it, IT CANNOT DRY OUT. Can be fully loaded with water after 10 days. Re-seal for the fast stoppage of leaking water or for breaches or cracks. The quick drying Hydraplug A and B paste can be used as a supplement during concrete rehabilitation work.

Processing details:
More individual information is available at the manufacturer.

Do not apply:
If the temperature is below 5 °C or above +30 °C
Storage unopened bags in a dry place.
Packaged in 6kg or 18kg bags with a PE insert

Work Safety:
Wear protective gloves and an aspirator while working. If materials come into contact with the eyes, flush with water immediately and consult a physician.

Disposing of materials: Information is available at the manufacturer.

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