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H krystal mix

Canadian Type Crystallization

Powder, which is liquid after mixing with water, gravel water insulation mass with crystalliation effects. It is used for terrestrial, industrial, transportation as well as water management constructions. Water tightening concrete additive – Canadian type crystallization.

Description and Usage:
Add powder additive to concrete from a mixture of cement and special chemicals with crystallization effects, which provision of the UJI imperviousness and watertight concrete construction. It is used for terrestrial, industrial, transportation as well as water management construction from concrete. (bridges, tunnels, dams, weirs, reservoirs, sewage treatment constructions, civil estate, foundations, cesspools, reservoirs, pools and terraces etc.) Water insulation matter H - Krystal is ideal for anywhere where it is necessary to have an impenetrable concrete construction, thereby guaranteeing it’s immunity to environmental elements in their whole capacity. After mixing the concrete mixture and its successive consolidation, the active crystalline substances crystallize and generate a capillary system filling in totality of the concrete capacity.

Description and advantages:
  • Asphalt and folium isolation aren’t necessary
  • The whole mass of concrete is watertight
  • Increases the concrete’s immunity against aggressive chemical influences (Chlorine, sulphate petroleum substances etc.)
  • Concrete is frost-hardy
  • Building activity leaves the crystallization intact
  • The whole concrete mass is sealed
  • Protects the concrete from Carbonate
  • Guards against armature corrosion
  • Possible breaches due to movement, are easily fixed
  • Lowers the shrinkage of the concrete by 20%
  • Increases stability under pressure by 15%
  • Longevity of the concrete is also the longevity of the crystal
  • Easily managed, applied and is definitive

Technical Facts:
Color   light gray
Density   1250 kg/m³
Granulated   up to 180 µm
pH during application   12
Temperature tolerance   - 40 - +140 °C
Tolerance to constant contact with contaminated fluids   3 pH -11,5 pH
Tenacity   min 1,5 Mpa
Consumption   2% on cement content
Nontoxic, Not harmful to your health    

Information for processing and sequential application:
In B25, the entire 32kg of the cement is used with 4.8 - 6.4 kg of additive. In an aggressive environment use a larger amount of the additive. It is possible to add additive H-Krystal M at the concrete mixing plant or straight to mixing on the construction site. The mixing time is 15 minutes.

Do not apply:
It is impossible to determine the right temperature for the solidification of the concrete. Storage unopened bags in a dry place Packaged in 8kg or 20kg bags with a PE insert.

Work Safety:
Wear protective gloves and an aspirator while working. If materials come into contact with the eyes, flush with water immediately and consult a physician.

Disposing of materials: Information is available at the manufacturer.
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