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H - Krystal MR

Hydro-insulating admixture to concrete- Canadian-type crystallisation

Description and applications:
Powder admixture to concrete consisting of a mixture of cement and special chemicals with crystallisation effect,
assuring water tightness and hydro insulation of concrete structures.
The mixture is used for all ground, industrial, transport and waterworks structures of concrete and reinforced concrete (bridges, tunnels, dams, weirs, tanks, WWTP, amenities, foundations, slabs, cesspits, pools, terraces etc.)
Hydro-insulating admixture H- Krystal MR is indicated for use wherever you need watertight concrete structure with guaranteed resistance to aggressive external environment across the full volume of the structure.
After mixing in the concrete mixture and subsequent solidification the active substances will create crystalline fill in the capillary system of the concrete across its full volume.

Description and Benefits:
  • Bitumen and membrane insulations are not necessary
  • The concrete will be impermeable across its full mass
  • The admixture increases resistance of the concrete against aggressive chemicals (chlorides, sulphates, carbonates, oil substances etc.)
  • The treated concrete is frost resistant
  • Building activities will not damage the crystallisation
  • The full mass of the concrete is sealed
  • The treated concrete is protected against carbonation
  • The admixture prevents fitting corrosion
  • Potential cracks caused by shrinkage overgrow if their size is up to 0.3mm or are easy to repair
  • The admixture reduces concrete shrinkage by up to 20 %
  • The admixture increases compressive strength by up to 15 %
  • The life of the crystals equals the life of the treated concrete
  • The admixture is easy to process and apply and is final.

The biggest advantages include easy point reparability of hydro insulation 

Technical Data:
colour   grey
density   965 kg/m³
grain size   do 180 µm
pH at application   12
temperature resistance   - 40 až +140 °C
Resistant to permanent contact with contaminated liquids   3 pH -11,5 pH
adhesion   min 1,5 Mpa
Non-toxic, harmless to health    
consumption   2kg - 3kg /m³

Processing and Application Data:
Usual dosage is 3 kg of H – Krystal MR admixture per 1m3 of concrete in aggressive and saturated environment. In non-aggressive or just humid environments 2.5kg of H – Krystal MR admixture may be used.
The cement volume must not be lower than 300 kg. Add the H Krystal MR admixture to the tipping bucket or mixer at the concrete plant or directly to the mix before concrete, but you must add water and mix at full speed of the mixer for at least 10min. and then mix for the whole transport to the place of the concrete laying.
Do not apply unless correct temperature for concrete solidification can be guaranteed.

Storage for 12 months on condition of unopened bags, dry place and storage temperature at least 5°C
Package sizes 3 x 3 kg in water soluble bags in a 9kg sack with PE insert and 6 x 3kg in water soluble bags in an 18kg sack with PE insert.
Package sizes 18 kg sack with PE insert ang 6 kg sack with PE insert.

Safety at work:
In case of contact with eyes rinse with water and seek medical assistance. Use respirators when mixing.

Waste disposal: Contained in a separate document available at the manufacturer.

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