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Hydra plug - a

Fast solidifying and drying crystalline effects.

Description and Usage:
Fast drying grout is used against gushing water for fast mending in concrete, where fast stopping water and leak protection is needed, or in broken down and badly vibrating
concrete. Mortar is a mixture of cement, siliceous sand and special additives, which accelerate solidification. It has crystallization effects and is therefore watertight after it’s application. In combination with H - Krystal a single system forms achieving watertight concrete construction. Has excellent tenacity to concrete and construction.

Technical Facts:

Color   light gray
Density   1530 kg/m³
Granulated   up to 250 µm
pH during application   12
Strength under pressure   5 Mpa /20 °C /after 3 hod
Hydraplug - A   within 5 minutes
Hydraplug - B   within 20 minutes

You can process on a horizontal and lower fair faced concrete surface using any of the following methods: with smoothing tool, using rubber gloves to form the mixture into a ball or with a pallet smearing so that you get a stronger layer. On breach corrections, outflow and broken down concrete, choose Hydraplug - A, for flat corrections use Hydraplug - B. For correct seal gap reconditioned places in the first instance cut to depth cca. 3-5cm, best when cut out in the shape of an upside down funnel, the cut groove during the corrections of a leak must to be cut out in the form U - never in the form of a V. Remove all free materials, grease, and other impurities. For ideal tenacity it is best to use high-pressure water rays. After applying the putty on the corrected places, we recoat making corrections with the H - Krystal mixture. Lay the required material on a spatula, plane or use rubber gloves, so that we can process it for the given purpose. Hydraplug : water / 3:1

If the base is between +1 °C to +4 °C only process Hydraplug A with warm water. If the water is spraying and cannot be stopped, and has the temperature of +3 °C, then call the customer service of the manufacturer. Storage unopened bags in a dry place. Packaged in 8kg or 20kg bags with a PE insert

Work Safety:
Wear protective gloves, protective glasses and an aspirator while working. If materials come into contact with the eyes, flush with water immediately and consult a physician.

Disposing of materials: Information is available at the manufacturer.

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