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Products - description

Detailed work processed gripe and WALL with the foundation board in under ground construction using water tight H - Krystal

Painting and spraying of concrete metal during the initial construction is possible from the interior or the exterior, or a combination of both applications. Thereby directing and placing the dry putty using a high compression mallet made from H - Krystal and water (6:1), for the space between the wall and the ground. With the pre-foundation boards we can do the crystallization spraying before pouring the foundation for the groundwork concrete at least 3 to the maximum of 24 hours ahead of time. Instead of expansive tamping on the work joints we can use an internal PVC strip. The concrete can be used as all kinds of construction concrete.

The Hydra system

Using the H - Krystal M additives in all construction one achieves detailed work processed joints for the foundation. Work processed joint crystallization and water insulation H - Krystal.

Using concrete metal is common in construction, for better control over solidification add UNIFILL 12mm polypropylene fibers in the amount of 0.6 – 0.9 kg-1m³

The Hydra system

In high water or chemical heavy-laden construction, detail treatment working joints and the foundations using water insulation crystallization H - Krystal.


The Hydra system

Detailed work processed gripe in previous concrete metal constructions of new structures using the crystallization H - Krystal, elastomer =elastic monomers, or betonite + rubber= water stoppers.
This is the overall project detail. How to process:
  1. Elastomer materials are mounted to the pipeline before pouring concrete using a special glue in the cartouche.
  2. On the pre-groove surface or supplementary stub of the tightening groove of the working gripe dab on one layer.
  3. After implementing H - Krystal we seal the trough about halfway with the sealing Hydraplug against running water and we finish sealing the trough using the dry putty made from H-Krystal and water (6:1).
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