Shooter EXIMOS - DOOR Tanks

The largest fulfillment of H- Krystal structural rehabilitation of cement was fulfilled in the summer of 2001, which consisted of namely tightening for the settling reservoir DOOR in Střelči u Jičina for the firm Eximos.
A seal was applied to two reservoirs with an average width of 31m and a height of 6m. They were already cracking and contracting leaks 25 years ago in the time of manufacture. When the concrete was around 15 years old it also became corrupted by freezing cycles. The sealing was done using Hydraplugs and crystallization H - Krystal, using expansionary weather sealant in the dilation tears. For further details there are photographs available.

Charles Square

Multifunctional building - the pasting of the Milanese Wall, April 2001
Crystallization H – Krystal and Hydraplug A and B.

Four Seasons Hotel

Hydro Insulation and the concrete rehabilitation of the Milanese Wall.
The concrete rehabilitation was done 6.5 meters below water level of the Vltava River. Sealing the working joints in the foundation of the Milanese walls was done using the water insulation crystallization H-Krystal and fast case hardening mixtures Hydraplug A and B.

Sovovy Mills

Insulating canal reservoirs.

Slovanský Bulding in Prague

Insulating the Milanese walls in the garages.

Bělohorská - Multifunctional Building

Water insulation the underground garages using H-Krystal and Hydraplug A and B
City circuit Zlíchov – Strakonická – painting support walls

Most commonly we do the sealing for elevator shafts, reservoirs,pools, transformation stations etc.

For the correct functioning of the crystallization H-Krystal it is imperative that all the steps that lead to water Tight concrete construction are precisely followed.
Mainly this means the cleaning of the concrete surface by stripping the oil and layers of the residual case-hardened cement liquid (or cement milk) using a steel wool brush in combination with water under high pressure.

Or use 10 % hydrochloric acid, which frees the layers and can then be flushed with water to clean the affected area. Cleaning using high pressure water also ensures that the entirety of the surface is sufficiently wet before using the crystallization H-Krystal. (It is imperative that the capillary system is full of water before starting!)

Before coating it is important to cut out and sealing with Hydraplug A and B from water bearing breaches and all the other incompact places in concrete. If there is alot of hydrostatic pressure in the concrete , we must place dewatering tubes in the places that have bigger seepage, which will provide us with the option to coat the wall in the way, so that the running water does not wash off the painted crystallization H-Krystal layer and after about a week we close up the fluid places with Hydraplug A putty.

Then you can continue work by painting or spraying. With new construction this means painting the working joints, which we can push ahead until the boarding structure is ready to be closed. Final stage is the misting of the H-Krystal spray so that, it has at least two days to dry.
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